Logistics And Supply Chain Management Courses

SCM Hub International Business School is a future facilitator for students looking forward to pursuing a dynamic career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Industry. SCM Hub offers MBA, BBA and certificate courses in Logistics and Supply Chain Management which covers a wide spectrum of topics including Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Transportation Management, Warehousing, Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Network design.

MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management program at SCM Hub is specifically designed to train future leaders in the fast growing logistics and supply chain sector. All logistics Courses at SCM Hub are highly integrated were students would acquire practical knowledge and understanding of multiple facets of supply chain business. The Courses would build a strong foundation in business principles and train students to make effective decisions in their business functions.

A career in logistics and distribution would suit you if you enjoy challenge, coordination and completion. The job roles may involve your contribution in transportation, stock control, warehousing and monitoring the flow of the goods.

Studying at SCM Hub opens up a range of options to choose from in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Industry.

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