Among numerous stock photo agencies,Dub stock is the first who has dedicated database with Arabic keywords. Its database provides accurate human translations. Hence, there is no need to search Google to translate the keywords of images.The translations of photo keywords are done by professional translators. This is the essential point of the company to be famous as a stock photo agency.

Easy uploading in any language:

The vast database of the company offers the user to do more than uploading photos. The database has huge English and Arabic keywords, and they are carefully linked together. The user can upload his or her photo with the keyword in English or Arabic as the user wishes. Other languages are added automatically. The user can add or delete any keyword at any steps.

The relevant facts:                

 1. Adding of New Articles

New and fantastic articles are added for four different groups on adaily basis. The company emphasizes to add novel items regularly. All received reports are reviewed thoroughly by the expert and creative team. 

2. Open Source Database in Nature

The database is open source in nature. Hence, the user can use the stock photos to use and publish the open source images. This is done by open source license and by the picturesof copyright free group.

3. Some Articles Not for Ads

There is a group called ‘non-advertising.' The articles of this group cannot be used by the user for commercial purposes because those are subjected to copyright. The articles do not have the permission to be published for commercial ads. The user can only use the materials for their commercial use only by getting authorization from the persons who have uploaded those.

4. The items classified as "Only for a non-Advertising use" can be published in editorials

There are some limitations to doing so:

  • To publish the articles in editorial, the security must be maintained. The use of Photoshop or another photo editing software is strictly prohibited.
  • The copies published must not exceed the limited number. If it exceeds, the user has toensure the non-advertising expanded use license.
  • The publisher must assign the articles to their source and the contributor.

About the registration:

There are points regarding the registration.

  • There are no hidden fees to become aregistered user.
  • To access the images uploaded in the site registration is mandatory.
  • Signing up is mandatory to purchase photos and other subscriptions. For general browsing, the signing up is not necessary.
  • The registration process does not take longer time. It is completed very quickly, and the user can access his or her account immediately after completing the registration process.
  • The website does not require the credit card details during the purchase mode.
  • The subscriptions can be used for the person who has subscribed; it cannot be shared with others. However, if any group or organization would like to get a subscription, the members of the team can access it.
  • The user can change his or her credentials at any stage of registration.